Sunday Hub and Wholesome Grub Events

With so many fantastic cycling races coming up this spring we‘ve decided to stream them live from The Hub, where you can experience the exhilaration of the race in a fun and sociable location.

Whilst we are passionate about cycling, food is another love of ours and combining the two just seems like a no brainer. For each race we will be cooking up some authentically themed treats to suit each race place, from tasty Italian snacks to go with your espresso to indulging in waffles and beer whilst engrossed in the Tour of Flanders, we’ve an event to tantalise every taste bud!

Check your diaries and save these dates:

Milan St Remo (Sunday 23rd March) The classic and gruelling spring Italian race.

Tour of Flanders (Sunday 6th April) Although held a week before the Paris-Roubaix road race, don’t be put off, this is another huge race, certainly the biggest in Belgium.

Leige-Bastogne (Sunday 27th April) Another Belgian classic, accompanied with Belgian snacks galore.


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