The Rip – Digital Print Specialists

The Rip is a company based in Newcastle that specialises in producing large format images onto almost any type of material to unlimited size. They have done some great work producing banners and various other promotional materials for the Cycle Hub and also for cycling holiday specialists, Saddle Skedaddle.

Recently at The Rip, their flatbed printer has been busy undertaking a project by unique artist Jane Gower for PCT Trinity Gateshead. Jane applied her ingenious knowledge and skills in creativity, while the Rip applied their enthusiasm, understanding and like her an ambition to produce something outstanding. Does that not make you feel better?

A number of motivational words and sentences were printed onto 3 metre high mirrors, also images were printed onto clear PVC, this allowed Jane to create a captivating dream-catcher effect. They prepared some cut lettering which complemented the appearance Jane required. The double-sided acrylic had more words and phrases printed onto it, similar to the mirrors. The guys from the Rip then printed photos onto the front of the acrylic, giving an effect that had never been attempted on the flatbed printer.


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