The Kielder 100 Mountain Bike Challenge

The Montane Kielder 100 is Britain’s only 100 mile, single lap, off-road mountain bike race. That’s right, 100 miles, not those tiny little European kilometres; one lap of a specially designed one hundred mile endurance mountain bike race course with just one road crossing, some fire roads, grass tracks and a surprising amount of challenging, technical singletrack. This is not a race for the faint hearted, just speak to anyone who rode last year.

Not up to the challenge of racing 100 miles off road? Then why not enter the new baby event, the Montane Kielder 50. Designed to act as a stepping stone to the full challenge, the shorter distance will use the first half of the 100 mile lap, finishing on the final descent back to the village. Perfect for testing your fitness and figuring out just how much more demanding the full distance is.

For more specific details about the event click on the link below and register day. Be quick though, as the entry date closes on Friday 7th of September! The main event is on Saturday 15th September.

Kielder 100 2012 Event

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