Strategic Cycle Routes in Newcastle

Strategic cycle routes -Walker

Newcastle City Council have been developing proposals for the Walker Strategic Cycle Route and have drawn up a plan showing the issues on the route as well as a log of issues and options for addressing them.

There will be a working group on Thursday 11th October from 5 to 7pm in the Swan Room of the Civic Centre to look at the options.  Please let them know ( if you intend to come along. They only have £100,000 available for the route this financial year so we will be concentrating on the section from Welbeck Road to the east end of Byker Bridge.  They will work on the rest of the route next financial year, from April 2013.

Strategic cycle routes –Gosforth

They hope to start work on a Strategic Cycle Route from Gosforth to the city centre sooner than we planned. Improvements will be made for cycling on Gosforth High Street as part of a wider traffic scheme and they will be working to make sure these align with the Strategic Cycle Route proposals. In addition, they have submitted an Expression of Interest to the Department for Transport’s Cycle Safety Improvements Fund to create a parallel route suitable for less experienced cyclists. They have to make a final submission for this fund by the end of November.

Details of the wider scheme and of the cycle proposals are being finalised.  They will circulate plans and hold a working group when they are available meanwhile the background to our choice of a route in Gosforth for the submission is available on the Cycling Forum webpage.

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