Peloton Pale Ale – The perfect post pedalling pint!!

Design the pumpclip for this new local beer

We have teamed up with Tyne Bank Brewery and The Free Trade Pub to create Peloton Pale Ale – a beer that is light, dry and refreshing but also packed with flavour. The beer will weigh in at a reasonable 3.7%, so low enough to be able to enjoy more than one and still ride away safely.   We want you to come up with something eye catching and new, but that can ultimately do the job it was designed for, to promote and sell the beer.   The winning clip will be used on the bar all summer and displayed on posters promoting the beer throughout the city. The prize for the winner will include a ‘pin’ of Peloton Pale Ale, a mixed case of Tyne Bank Beers and a £20 voucher to spend on cycling gear at The Hub as well as having your work on display in Newcastle’s best pub!!

So that’s it, time to get the crayons out and start scribbling.

Good Luck!   Rules/Terms…

* The Following phrases MUST be clearly visible  ‘Tyne Bank Brewery’  ‘Peloton Pale Ale’  ‘3.7%’.

* Other words/phrases can be included if needed   * Entries must be no bigger than 150mm(W) and 175mm(H) and able to attach to a standard pump clip bracket.   * Drawings/Designs should be submitted as print ready PDF or 300dpi JPEG   * Entries to be emailed to

* Entries must be received by 5pm on Monday 4th June 2012   * Entrants must be 18 or over   * Anyone wishing to supply anything which is not 2D, i.e printable must be able to submit three copies by the closing date.   The Competition will be judged by a panel made us of ourselves, Tyne Bank MD Julia Austin, Saddle Skeddadle and Cycle Hub co-founder Andrew Straw and local designer Paul White. Winner notified by 8th June.

Ouseburn Regeneration Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE6 1BU                               Tel : 0191 276 7250  –  –

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