Ouseburn Planning and Development Meeting

Do you love the Ouseburn? Do you want a say in its future? Come to a session on either

Monday 1st October 5.30-7pm (presentation from City planners followed by discussion on key themes) or Tuesday 2nd October 8.30-10.00am or 12-2pm (drop-in sessions) All sessions will be held at Ouseburn Farm, however please e-mail planning@ouseburn.net if you are intending to come along.

The Ouseburn Valley Board’s Planning and Development Group is drafting a response to the Council’s Urban Core Area Action Plan (currently being revised). We want all those who live, work, enjoy or invest in Ouseburn to contribute.

This document is important because it will guide urban and economic development across Newcastle and Gateshead until 2030. In particular, it will shape:

–        how planning applications are decided in Ouseburn

–        how money is spent on transport and open space in Ouseburn

–        how investment in put into buildings and other developments in the Valley

–        how economic regeneration of the valley will be supported, and how this will tie in              with core businesses in city centre

–        how regeneration will be balanced with conservation

–        how the Ouseburn’s unique identity can be preserved, developed and enhanced

This is a chance to comment on what is in the document at the moment, and also to say what we think is important in order to meet our vision for a sustainable, adaptable, diverse and dynamic Ouseburn, where there is growth in jobs and the economy, for a range of people.

We have sent you our initial comments in the attached document. Do come along to join in the debate about these points.

More information from http://www.facebook.com/OuseburnNet and in due course from www.ouseburn.net

Please e-mail planning@ouseburn.net if you are intending to come along.

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