‘Get Britain Cycling’ Report

Today saw the publication of two landmark reports on cycling and physical activity. Both provide a unique opportunity for the world of cycling and beyond to have a decisive impact on the way government thinks.

The Get Britain Cycling report, written by a group of MPs with substantial input from our friends at Sustrans – (our favourite charity), spells out in 19 recommendations to government how to get more people get on bikes – and the massive benefits that will result.

Designed to Move, produced by Nike with the support of Sustrans, helps demonstrate the importance of physical exercise and how walking and cycling can help overcome the inactivity crisis we currently face.

But we urgently need your help to make the most of this chance and put pressure on the government to act. Just a few minutes of your time can help us convince politicians to get behind the vision of Sustrans and create a healthier, happier society.

If you’ve got a few minutes spare then please sign The Times’ petition asking the Prime Minister (that’s David Cameron in case you wondered!) to implement the recommendations in the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.

Whilst you are in the swing of things if you could fill out the Sustrans’ survey on how workplaces can enable their employees to travel to work by bike, this would be superb!

As I’m sure you know, a vast proportion of journeys made every day are to or from workplaces, so ensuring people have the option to cycle is a great element in increasing physical activity.

Here’s a link to the report from the Cycle Pad’s website.

Cheers for your time and we’ll keep you up to date with how the campaigns progress. Keep safe when out on your bike from everyone at the Cycle Hub!

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