Cycle City Ambition

Here is a recent message posted in the Newcastle Cycling Campaign Facebook Group….

The government has released guidelines for the Cycle City Ambition Fund and is inviting City Deal cities to apply for substantial funding to improve urban cycling facilities. Under the guidelines we can apply for up to £5.6M for capital projects. We want to put in a bid for this money and we need your help to do it.

We are already working on our Strategic Cycle Route Network and this could form the backbone of any bid but what else would you like to see?

We are holding a special Cycling Forum meeting on Thursday 28 February to gather ideas. The meeting is at 5.30pm in the Pandon Room of the Civic Centre. There will be a short presentation on the guidelines for the bid, a recap on the Strategic Cycle Route network and then we will open the floor for ideas.

After the meeting we will put up a topic wall on Let’s Talk Newcastle where you can continue to make comments. We will discuss it again at the Newcastle Cycling Forum on 7 March and you can keep up-to-date through this newsletter.

Gosforth Transport Improvements

We had lots of support for cycling improvements in Gosforth at the public meeting on 13 February. Most of the plans are now on the Gosforth Transport Improvements webpage and the rest will be on there in the next few days. We are still waiting for news of our bid to the government for £1.3M for the cycling proposals so fingers crossed.

Sky Tyne and Wear spoke to cyclists who would rather risk a £30 fine for cycling in pedestrianised areas than cycle on the city’s main roads, due to the dangerous conditions.

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