A Cardboard Bike!

The inventor Izhar Gafni, from Israel, has spent 18 months just folding the material every-which-way in order to discover a strong enough design, and now he claims his technique is almost ready for mass production.

His maintenance-free bike uses a “secret” mix of organic materials to make it waterproof and fireproof, and is then lacquered to give it a friendlier appearance.

It’s expected to cost a mere $20 and weigh about 20 lbs (9 kg) – that’s 65% lighter than an average metal ride. In fact, this bike has no metal parts at all – the solid tyres are made of reconstituted rubber and a car timing belt is used instead of a chain. It lacks the swank of a Giant and would be totally unsuitable for a Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday, but then you could buy 175 of these for the same money. Want proof that it actually works? The bike’s ‘not-so-featherweight’ inventor takes it for a spin after the break – see it here!

A pretty impressive bike!

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